Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inside-Outside---Bosco is cute EVERYWHERE!!

Bosco at Wauconda

Last weekend Bosco was able to attend the Hobbit Family Reunion at the Wauconda Dog Park.
I never saw a more happy dog.
Bosco was in seventh heaven, being able to chase through the fields.
He would go explore and then come back to check in.
Seeing how much Bosco is at home in a hunter's environment---Lisa convinced foster mommy Carola to enter Bosco for a hunt test.... we'll let you know how it will turn out.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bosco went on a cruise!

Bosco was a special boy and got to go to Chicago for a day and spend 90 minutes on a canine cruise.
Boy, was he excited!
Bosco had to visit with everybody---here with Fauna, an IBR foster girl that also went on the trip.

Bosco with foster mom Carola.
At the very end, Bosco had enough of the bright sunlight and sought the shade.
After the cruise everybody went on a walk---and got all excited at the sight of some pidgeons---well, they are all birddogs after all...what do we expect...
On the way home Bosco curled up and snoozed. He had a great day.
Bosco is a happy-go-lucky fella. He also loves little kids.
My friend Melissa is visiting us weekly with her little daughter Frankie who is only 7 months old and loves dogs. Bosco loves to go to her and give her gentle kisses. He's also not at all put off by the fact that little Frankie might kick her little infant feet right into his face, or doesn't quite aim right all the time when she's trying to pet him. He takes it all in stride and his loving every minute of the visit.


Bosco is everybody's best buddy!
Sashi loves to snuggle in...
...mmh...Bosco is so soft, he makes a good head pillow!

At Hunt

Bosco is definitely a birdy boy---no surprise, since his previous owner used to take him hunting.
He barks excitedly when he sees foster daddy get the fishing pole out with the pheasant wing on it.
Here Bosco shows foster brother Jason Morgan how it's done...

Bosco has a beautiful point!!

Bosco--sweet and mellow

It's been a while since I've loaded photos of Bosco and have done an update.
I cannot even express how sweet this boy is---to meet him is to love him.
Bosco loves to stay close and get cuddles---here you can see him with foster daddy Jeff.
He will also jump up on the couch next to you and gently lie his head into your lap---just seeking you out for some cuddling.
The other dogs love Bosco as well and don't mind if he cuddles up close.

I took Bosco to the pet store the other day and he was such a sociable fella---he had to go and greet everyone in the store and sat pretty to get petted. He soaks it all up.